Friends of Avid Dresser Photoshoot

FRIENDS OF AVIDPHOTOSHOOT 1 1 - Friends of Avid Dresser Photoshoot

Myself and a few friends decided one weekend to do a photoshoot in some of our Avid Dresser dresses. These professional women from all different walks of life, each see the important role Avid Dresser could play in women’s lives. The best part of this day was everyone getting to know each other. You would’ve thought that we were all…

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About Avid Dresser

Untitled design 7 - About Avid Dresser

      Avid Dresser was created by Rachel Ngwe in her fashionista cubical, the dressing room. One weekend, juggling her life as a wife, mother and professional, she found herself in a rush to find a great dress for an event. Going from boutiques to malls, she couldn’t believe some of the prices she was seeing. Staring dumbfounded at…

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